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A view of Whatever Nevermind from the crowd

Meet the band members of whatever, nevermind

Photos by Robert Dicke @ DickeArts

Matt Pokorny of Whatever Nevermind


(Kurt Cobain)

Close your eyes while Matt is singing on stage and you’ll swear you jumped in a time machine to December 13, 1993 because he sounds that much like Kurt Cobain. While some people spend their lives diversifying their perspectives and experiences, Matt has gone head first into Nirvana never to return; except during Whatever, Nevermind live performances, and that’s the best thing this band could ever ask for. Calm, cool, and collected off-stage, Matt embodies the spirit of Kurt on-stage.



(Krist Novoselic)

Bass Guitar

Duffman plays the bass so well that the Simpsons named a character after him. He’ll tell you that everyone says his greatest trait is his wicked bass guitar skills but he’ll be quick to point out it's his humility. Duffman has been bustin’ his chops all around Chicago in bands such as Darmata, Arlo Pear, Aberdeen, and Slick Willy & the Smokin' Jokers but he knows there’s no place like home doing his best Krist Novoselic impression in this phenomenal Nirvana tribute band.

Nick Duffy of Whatever Nevermind
Ben Ringhofer of Whatever Nevermind


(Pat Smear)

Lead Guitar

Born at the outset of Nirvana, Ringer has been primed his entire life for this moment. From learning "Come as You Are" when he first picked up the guitar to the music experience gained playing in some damn-good, but not Nirvana-good, original bands, he is ready to fulfill his destiny of making Whatever, Nevermind the world's best Nirvana tribute band in Chicago. His favorite color is blue or green depending on the day, and he loves to make prolonged eye contact with you while he plays a guitar solo.


(Dave Grohl)

Some call Joe a natural, others call him a supernatural because the way he keeps time behind the drums is godlike. Joe is so talented he was playing live shows just four months after picking up the drumsticks. Joe is also the resident celebrity of Whatever Nevermind, having played in the internationally acclaimed Scraping for Change, whose hit single "Crazy Mary" topped the charts at #1 on the Billboard Top 40 in Indonesia. Despite the fame and glory, Joe is kind enough to lend his time and Dave Grohl-level talent to making Whatever, Nevermind the best Nirvana cover band in Chicago.

Joe Zulu of Whatever Nevermind
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